CAMC Exam Requirements

1.         Completed medical training from Medical School
2.      Original Degree Certificate (MBBS/MD) (applicants in Jamaica)
            Certified photostat/copies of Degree Certificate (MBBS/MD) (applicants      not in Jamaica)
3.         Certificate of Registration (optional)
4.         Certificate of Good Standing or current/valid Licence (optional)
5.         Passport size photograph (1)
6.         Names and addresses of two (2) medical References or 2 Assessments
7.         Applications (two months prior to the exam)
8.         Fees (non-refundable)

  • Payments must be sent by Courier service or mailed to the Caribbean Association of Medical Councils in Jamaica, 2-4 King Street, Kingston, Jamaica.
  • Payments can be in the form of cash, cheque or bank draft.
  • The cheque/bank draft should be written to (name to be written on the cheque) the Caribbean Association of Medical Councils.
  • Exam fee is US$800.00 but (must be successful in Part 1 to be able to attempt Part 2) and the fee, if unsuccessful, is not refundable
  • If taken separately (i.e paying for part 1 and then part 2) the fee for Part 1 is US$500.00 and US$500.00 for Part II of the exam.
  • CAMC Secretariat must be notified in writing for deferral/absent from exam and an administrative cost of 15% is required.
  • Successful candidates in Part I are allowed only 12 months deferral/wait before attempting Part II (deferral time must be requested in writing and approved by the CAMC office)
  • Exam Pass Mark is 50%. Results are available a week after the exams.
  • Candidates are allowed three (3) attempts at Part II of the CAMC examinations.
  • Candidates must repeat Part I of the examination after three (3) failed attempts at the Part II.
  • A fourth (4th) attempt at Part II may be allowed in rare occasions.